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Iron Works Gym Facilities

 Intensity, Work Ethic, Gains and Confidence in yourself - Iron Works Gym





No matter what your sport, Iron Works Gym has a training program that is right for you.

  • Iron Works Gym has over 11,700 square feet of gym floor
  • Contains ample free weights and specialty machines for any program.
  • Spacious facility provides plenty of elbow room and little waiting between sets
  • Some of the features include: multiple flat, incline and decline press stations
  • 3 safety racks for squats and other work
  • adjustable workout benches
  • a large number of specialty training machines
  • Copious quantities of free weights.


Don't let excuses bar your progress.

  • Iron Works Gym has a wide variety of cardiovascular training equipment
  • an infrared dry sauna
  • change/shower room and a visitors lounge
  • Iron Works has a wide selection of supplements, training gear and Iron Works Logo Clothing in-stock. 
  • Available on-site are a selection of sports drinks and caffeinated beverages to support your workout. 


Owner-operator Pat Mallough has a wide range of experience in multiple sports.  In addition, he was a highly ranked international body builder and a world champion powerlifter.  Come by and discuss your training requirements, get some advice or have him design you a special program.