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2010 GPC Canadian National Powerlifting Championships
Bruce Greig Memorial Combined Event - May 29

Tribute video below - takes a minute to load but its worth it


Competing from Iron Works Gym from left to right below, Trevor Andrus, Brian Bailey, Patrick Thera, Rob Morao

 Iron Works Gym was well represented at the GPC Canadian National Powerlfiting Championships held in Calgary, Alberta on May 29 at the Ogden Legion Hall. Achieving Gold Medals in each of their respective weight/age classes were Brian Bailey. Rob Morao and Patrick Thera.  Trevor Andrus managed an amazing personal best deadlift of 661lbs on his second attempt and then went on try for 700lbs on his third attempt.  The 700lb attempt was close, I am sure he will get it at the next meet.  Rob Morao and Brian Bailey both achieved huge totals amid stiff competition in their classes. Patrick Thera managed to add another 180lbs to his totals. Full meet results can be viewed at www.independentpowerlifting.com. 

Check out the meet videos below:



Patrick Thera:  Squat 561lbs, Benchpress 468lbs, Deadlift 463 lbs Total:  1492 lbs  Gold Masters 125kg



Trevor Andrus:  Deadlift  661lbs  Total: DNF



Rob Morao:  Squat 729lbs, Benchpress: 529lbs, Deadlift: 606lbs Total: 1864lbs  Gold Medal



Brian Baily: Squat: 766lbs,  Benchpress: 518lbs, Deadlift:534 lbs Total: 1818 lbs  Gold Medal